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      Welcometo Ron Schmidt Video Productions
  • Mission Statement

    Mission Statement To produce the most complete documentary coverage of your wedding Ceremony in an inconspicuous way, at the best competitive price!
  • Exclusive System

    3-Cam Live Switching Ron is the only videographer in MN to offer a 3-camera system edited on-site & remotely controlled by one operator.
  • Capture Special Moments

    Cherished Moments... Ron knows just how to capture the special moments, big and small, that create your wedding day.
  • Over 30 Years Experience!

    30+ Years Experience Ron has gained the respect of many clergy in the area.
    He is trusted enough to film in several places usually off-limits to other videographers.
Special Feature

R.S.V.P. has over 30 years of professional wedding photography and video experience.

  • R.S.V.P. has performed its services in the State of Minnesota as well as across the nation.
  • It is very likely that we have been to your facility and we are confident that it has been a positive experience.
  •  We wish to explain our services and ask that you give us your guidelines in return. This way the wedding event is a joyful experience for the guests, wedding party, and clergy!.
Recent News

High-Quality is Affordable

With gas and food prices on the rise, managing your expenses is more important than ever. At R.S.V.P. we believe that having a copy of your wedding day on film is too important to forgo. Because of this, Ron is willing to work with whatever wedding budget you have.
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HeavenlyCam Rises Above

No need to worry about videographers interrupting your ceremony by moving their clunky equipment! Ron's three discreetly placed cameras are rarely noticed by guests and welcomed by clergy at some of the most exclusive wedding venues. HeavenlyCam can get angles from up high even if your church doesn't have...
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On-Site Editing

 On-site editing enables us to quickly complete your video for your viewing! Post-production editing can be time-consuming and costly. Our exclusive Live-Switching and editing technique allows us to...
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Discreet Camera Placement

Our operators remain at a small control cart in an unobtrusive location. There are no camera operators moving around during the service, nor are there any...
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